The teacher’s research introduction

Major of Cognitive and Emotional Neuroscience

Name of teacher Research content
Daiki Sasabayashi Neuroimaging studies in early psychosis
Tomoya Nakamura Early-life experiences altered the maturation of the lateral habenula
Takuya Akai 1. The analysis of cerebrospinal dynamics 2. Seeking the best strategy for craniosynostosis treatment
Masanori NOMOTO Unravelling the knowledge structure based on the neural decoding
Yuko Hakamata Understanding the neurobiological mechanisms underlying emotional dysregulation and associated cognitive problems and Development of effective psychological interventions for stress-related mental disorders
Hiroshi Nishimaru Neuronal mechanisms for sensorimotor integration underlying emotional behavior
Hisashi Mori Molecular neurobiological study of higher brain functions
Tomoyuki Yoshida Molecular mechanism of central synaptogenesis
Ryoi Tamura Neural Mechanism of Memory
Kaoru Inokuchi Molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying memory formation
Michio Suzuki Brain imaging studies for pathophyisiology of early stage schizophrenia
Tsutomu Takahashi Neurobiological study in psychiatric disorders
Hiroyuki Ichijo Evolution of habenular asymmetry/lateralization in vertebrates
Keizo Takao Investigation on physical basis of “mind”
Tetsufumi Ito Neuronal circuitry underlying perception of communication sounds
Seiji Yamamoto Regeneration of neural tissues based on the research of neuro-vascular interaction
Nakajima, Toshi Contributions of premotor areas and the hippocampus to motor planning
Daisuke Miyamoto Sleep and cognition
Yuko Higuchi
Tsuyoshi Setogawa Brain mechanisms of reward-based decision-making
Jumpei Matsumoto

Major of Biological Information Systems

Name of teacher Research content
Mineyuki Mizuguchi Protein structural biology
Yoshiaki Tabuchi Molecular mechanisms of stress response
Michihisa Tohda Clarification of generating mechanisms of various types of depression development of novel antidepressants by the Wakan-yaku theory
Nobuyuki Kurosawa Molecular analysis of adult T-cell leukemia/lymphoma
Michio Sayama Development of toxicity of environmental pollutants
Hiroaki Shinohara Joint of biosystems and electronic systems opens new bioengineering!
Masayasu Suzuki Biosensing technologies for single cell analysis
Shigenori Kawahara Behavioral neuroscience research for learning and memory
Makoto Nakamura Advanced study of bio-tissue-medical engineering
Shintaroh Iwanaga 3D Biofabrication by assembling bio-parts
Kouhei Matsuda Evolutionary background of regulation of instinct behavior by neuropeptides
Ichiro Takasaki Neuropharmacological research on chronic pain and drug discovery
Tomonao Inobe Regulation of protein degradation
Seiichi Koike Organelle synthetic biology

Major of Advanced Nanosciences and Biosciences

Name of teacher Research content
Naoki Toyooka Synthetic organic chemistry in drug discovery
Hitoshi Abe Development of organic reactions for natural product syntheses
Yoshiya Ikawa Creation and analysis of RNA functions and structures
Sen-ichi Aizawa Synthetic and mechanistic studies of highly functional metal complexes
Koji Tohda Development of an optical sensing system for minimally invasive monitoring of vital ions and metabolites
Makoto Gemmei-Ide Molecular Design of Polymeric Materials Based on the Water Structure
Akira Kanno Development of wearable sensors for screening of biomolecules in living sysems
Tatsuya Ishiyama Theoretical study of molecular structure and dynamics at (bio)polymer interfaces
Masafumi Sakono Folding assistance of glycoprotein by ER-resident molecular chaperone.
Tadashi Nakaji-Hirabayashi FBiomaterial Design for Strict Regulation of Cells and Application to Regenerative Medicine