Preface of Text 2017

The Graduate School of Innovative Life Science at University of Toyama, established in April 2006 as an independent institution to run doctoral courses, is unique with a special emphasis on “education”.
The school program consists of three major components: Cognitive and Emotional Neuroscience, Biological Information Systems, and Advanced Nano-Bio Science. It is based on the educational and research fields of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences (MP) as well as Science and Technology (ST), while exploring highly interdisciplinary research and education.
The purpose of this progressive school program is to offer an advanced level of professional education to doctorate students in innovative life science programs, where they not only carry out their own fields of research, but also, study concurrently subjects of other fields. Such educational curriculum enables them to develop their interdisciplinary knowledge and to approach their professional careers with wider and deeper perspectives.
To achieve such purpose, the Graduate School of Innovative Life Science provide the students classes, not only in their own special fields, but also in technical experience of other fields and mutual presentation of their own research, along with lectures and symposiums concerning life-sciences by both professors of University of Toyama and other universities.
The Graduate School of Innovative Life Science has also published the first text of Innovative Life Science in 2007, following the second version in 2011, which contain research abstracts of the individual researchers, introducing and outlining each research field and activity. In 2017, the third edition of the text will be renewed. As the text is written in both Japanese and English, it is intended for the international students and researchers around the world to understand the leading-edge doctoral program.
The faculty members of the Graduate School of Innovative Life Science at University of Toyama continuously work to improve the educational methods and research and to provide the students opportunities to launch a successful scientific future.