Message from the Dean

Graduate School of Innovative Life Science  Dean

The Graduate School of Innovative Life Science of the University of Toyama was established in 2005, when three national universities in Toyama prefecture were integrated into one as the new “University of Toyama”. This Graduate School is Japan’s first graduate school doctoral program where faculty members from four different faculty, namely medicine, pharmacy, science, and engineering, unite to provide interdisciplinary education in the field of life sciences. The mission of our graduate school is to conduct interdisciplinary research and education in life sciences, encompassing molecular, cellular, circuit, and organism levels of biological phenomena, as well as next-generation drug discovery and advanced medical development.
This graduate school consists of three majors: Cognitive and Emotional Neuroscience, Biological Information Systems, and Advanced Nano-Bioscience. In each major, we offer advanced education in life science integrating medicine, pharmacy, science, and engineering. In addition, the Division has established a system of sub-supervisors, which allows students to receive educational guidance from the perspective of different specialties. Our faculty includes researchers who have achieved world-class research results in various fields of medicine, pharmacy, and engineering, and we are confident that graduate students can enjoy advanced education through cutting-edge research.
This graduate school offers only a doctoral program and does not have a master’s program. However, in 2022, the Graduate School of and Pharma-Medical Sciences was established as a place for fusion education in integrating medicine, pharmacology, science, and engineering based on approaches taken by Graduate School of Innovative Life Science, and master’s degree programs are now being offered.
The Graduate School of Innovative Life Science aims to foster human resources who can meet the demands of society in all fields of life science, including next-generation drug discovery, advanced medicine, and life and environmental sciences, as well as independent researchers who can utilize their interdisciplinary and fusion abilities to play an active role in the field of life science. We hope to see you at the campus of the University of Toyama when you enroll in the graduate school.

Keizo TAKAO, PhD.
Professor and Dean
Graduate School of Innovative Life Science