Graduate School of Innovative Life Science  Dean Yoshiya Ikawa

The Graduate School of Innovative Life Science of the University of Toyama was established in 2005, when three national universities in Toyama prefecture were integrated into one as University of Toyama. It was one of the first postgraduate doctoral programs in life sciences in Japan integrating medicine, pharmaceutical science, natural science and engineering. We continue to provide interdisciplinary and integrated life science research and education on a broad range of topics in life science. It ranges from investigating a life phenomenon at a microscopic level, to discovering new drugs for the welfare of elderly people and advancing clinical application. This graduate school consists of three majors: Cognitive and Emotional Neuroscience, Biological Information Systems, and Advanced Nano-Bioscience. In each major, we offer advanced education in life science integrating medicine, pharmaceutical science, natural science and engineering. Furthermore, from an interdisciplinary perspective, we offer a wide range of education such as hands-on training in different research fields so that the students can acquire skills and theories from other specialized fields. In addition, many of the supervisors and instructors are renowned scientists with world-class research achievements in each field which will provide the opportunity for the graduate students to enjoy high-level research. In summary, this graduate school aims to foster human resources who can respond to social needs such as welfare of the elderly, advanced medical care and improved living environment in the future. We also expect each graduate to become an independent researcher who can play an active role in the field of life science by taking advantage of interdisciplinary skills acquired here. Finally, we hope that you join us and looking forward to meeting you at the University of Toyama campus!